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The 6 Pillars of Business Growth

Google gives you 792,000,000 opinions on how to grow a business. Read how our 6 Pillars of Business Growth is the only opinion you need.

By David Cross

August 6, 2023



David Cross

Prodos Global CEO


David Cross

Vision Digital CEO

If operating a business is a difficult task, then growing that business can sometimes feel near impossible.

As business owners, we usually feel like we’re spinning a thousand different plates, just to stop things from breaking down, and as a result we tend to stay laser focussed on what is generating the current cashflow – because, at least we’re not shrinking…

The thought of growing your business is appealing, but also a time-consuming process.
Even just looking into the possibility of growing your business can feel a bit overwhelming.
Where do I start?
Do I do this myself?
Do I need to hire an expert?

A quick Google search for “how to grow a business” will give you “about 792,000,000” results.
That’s seven hundred and ninety-two….. million… results!

And this is the problem. Everyone has an opinion, so it’s nearly impossible to separate the good from the terrible.

This is why we are sharing what we belive is the best (and only) way to actually generate real business growth.

We call it the 6 Pillars of Business Growth.


Before I share this with you, what makes our advice any different from the other 792,000,000 opinions on this topic?

I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t read through all of those opinions, so it is entirely possible that what I’m about to share with you is being shared by others in some way, shape, or form (Although, I haven’t seen it).

But we have a history of getting our clients to increase their annual incomes.

  • Multiple businesses generating over $2m+ in additional revenue within 6 months of working with us
  • Many more businesses increasing their conversion rates (whether it be for bookings, lead gen, appointments etc.) by up to 7,500% within the first year

What I’m about to teach you works. It’s that simple.


So, what are the 6 Pillars of Business Growth?

  1. Authority
  2. Awareness
  3. Leads
  4. Appointments
  5. Presentations
  6. Sales

It seems relatively basic because it is.

Fundamentally, if you can build your authority in your market and then make more of your target market aware that you exist, you can generate more leads.
Then, you can set more appointments and present your offer, which will lead to the sale.



Lesson over.


… not quite.


If you’re a DIY kind of person, and understand exactly what is needed in each of these areas, you have everything you need to go and grow your business.
For everyone else, stick around.

While, at a fundamental level it is a very basic concept to understand. It has its own complexities.
Every pillar in this model has a number of actions that need to be taken and areas of focus:

  1. Authority
    1. Trust signals
    2. Professionalism
    3. Social proof
    4. Perception metrics
  2. Awareness
    1. Social media optimisations
    2. High-converting web design
    3. Search engine optimisation (SEO)
    4. Ad campaign management and optimisations
    5. PR campaigns
  3. Leads
    1. Developing a system
    2. Using automation
    3. Setting up funnels
    4. Copywriting
    5. User experience
  4. Appointments
    1. Marketing
    2. Messaging
    3. Email marketing
    4. Setting up systems
  5. Presentations
    1. Using automation
    2. Developing a presentation structure
    3. Funnel development
    4. Developing presentation material
  6. Sales
    1. Learning sales
    2. Objection handling
    3. Process efficiency
    4. Post-sales call procedure development


Most business experts will tell you that growing your business is easy and they will give you hope that you can do it by yourself.
You’ll get a little taste of success, but their hope is that you will realise that you just don’t have what it takes and will eventually go back to them, cap in hand, and ask them to work with you.

We’re not like this.

Growing a business is incredibly hard work – if you don’t have a process in place already to achieve the growth you’re after.

As you can see above, there are just 6 pillars of growth, but at least 20+ different areas that need to be mastered for you to achieve your true potential.
And this is exactly why most businesses find it so difficult to grow.


However, all hope is not lost.

You have just been given a blueprint for everything you need to do, and can start implementing yourself – today, to start growing your business.
If you work on these areas, growth is an absolute certainty.

It is perfectly plausible that you could take this information right now, start implementing it all and grow your business within the next few months.

For those of you who would like this broken down a bit more, we are going to cover each of these pillars of growth in more detail in other articles.