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August 2, 2023

Conversion Rate Optimisation & E-commerce Specialist


We are looking for someone who is a conversion rate optimisation AND e-commerce specialist.

The successful candidate will possess both of these attributes.



You will be part of our team, helping to grow the businesses of our clients.

Specially, you will work to optimise the conversion rates of our clients’ websites.

This often includes full e-commerce stores or websites with e-commerce elements.

You will be required to work on any given project and will report to our Director.

This role will require you to have regular meetings with our Director to discuss progress and project strategies.



This role will be for 40 hours per week, ongoing, and paid monthly in NZ Dollars.

The successful applicant will be placed on a trial for the first month, at a slightly reduced rate, to see if both parties are a good fit to work together.



The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate previous success in CRO projects and e-commerce projects.

You may not have worked specifically as a conversion rate optimisation specialist before, but you have a history of quantifiable success at increasing website conversion rates.

You will be extremely familiar with WordPress, Elementor, and WooCommerce.

You will have some working knowledge, understanding, and application of HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript.


Application Process

Please answer all application questions

Candidates that make it through to the 2nd round of the process will be required to complete some short testing.

We will then want to meet with potential candidates to discuss prior experience and expectations for this role.