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Case Studies

7,500% booking increase for health & beauty business

Turning on the tap to a continuous flow of new bookings

We were contacted by this company to help them grow their business. They had experienced a very slow period of time, with hardly any new bookings, and needed to do something, but couldn’t figure it out on their own.
This company had a strong base of loyal clients that loved their services, and this was enough to keep them going, but they recognised that they had plateaued in their growth and it was time to start moving things forwards.
After helping them with a brand refresh, we were able to identify key areas in their booking process and customer journey which were causing mass drop-off points. As a result, we worked with the client to establish a new customer journey and worked on creating assets to help move someone along this journey - from being someone who had never interacted with the business before, right through to making that first booking.

Within 24 hours of launching this new customer journey, our client received more bookings than they did in the entire previous 18 months.

Vision Digital were amazing to work with. We have been blown away by the results

As a result of all of this, our client was Able to increase their new bookings by over 7,500% and take their business to the new level they had been hoping for.

Watch this short 7 minute video to see how you can grow your business by using our "6 Pillar" method.