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Less time on needless paperwork and timewasting potential clients.
More time to focus on growing your business.

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Can you relate to any of these?


You want to spend less time with potential clients

Construction business owners are so busy, and it's frustrating spending time dealing with someone who may or may not be serious about their building project.

Potential clients don't pay the bills, but you must give them your time because its the only way to land that next construction project.


You want to make sure that your reputation stays in tact

Construction business owners and builders have been telling us that they're getting too many enquiries about starting new projects, and it's simply not possible to respond to every single contact.

As a result, the potential client feels let down and ignored, and they share their experience with others.

We get it.
The reality is there are too many tire kickers out there, and you can't run a construction business without being selective around who you follow up with.


You want to reduce the paperwork

Paperwork sucks!

And there is a ton of paperwork when it comes to running a successful construction business.

We're hearing that there is far too much time spent on paperwork - especially when changes occur, and these changes need to be communicated with everyone who is working on the project.

all in one solution_

Fully custom to help your construction business


Custom Automated Response

Send all enquiries a fully custom, automated, response.
It's highly relevant to their enquiry and puts the onus back on them to prepare everything you need to be able to price up their job.


Make it easy to get paid

Let's make it easy for clients to pay you on time with our payment integration solutions.


Custom Project Solutions

A custom projects area for you and your team to view all relevant information about each job you're working on


Paperwork Access

Let every single member and contractor access the necessary paperwork for each specific project, at the touch of a button.
No more physical copies needed on site again.


Daily Updates & Notices

Project managers can update all staff and contractors about important and/or urgent information in less than 30 seconds.


Access Changes

All staff and contractors can access any project work changes or amendments with a few clicks, at any time of the day, and from anywhere.


Contractor Solutions

Contractors can upload their invoices for payment and clock in and out of the site via the same place where they view all of the other project specific information.


Custom Private Dashboard

Project managers, staff, and contractors have a secret" dashboard where they can view all project information.
This is completely custom built to your company's specifications so it has absolutely everything you need, and nothing you don't

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