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About Vision Digital

We're Vision Digital
A business growth solutions company

Led by CEO, David Cross, Vision Digital has been helping business around the world, in an official capacity, since mid-2017.

Originally a web design company, we quickly realised that the businesses we worked with weren’t just getting a new website, but their businesses were exploding .

This, coupled with the crowded web design space, where everyone’s an “expert”, forced us to seriously think about how to better serve our clients and generate better results for everyone involved.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, we are a small team of dedicated experts, with a mission to bring success and abundance to everyone we interact with.

This goes well beyond simply growing the businesses of our clients, but it is our way of life. We want every single person who interacts with us to feel like they are better off for doing so.

We strive for excellence in everything we do, and look to bring positivity into every environment we find ourselves in.

“Getting Vision Digital to help was the best investment we have ever made”

When we started talking about getting result for our clients, we were met with a lot of abuse from others in the web design and digital marketing space (we can show you the screenshots), so we changed our business model and service entirely so we could better serve our clients.

We have been compared to consulting firms, business coaches, digital marketers, and web designers, but we are non of those.

Yes, we consult and can coach our clients, but we also do the work required.
Yes, we offer marketing and web services, but this is just part of a holistic and complete growth service.

We work in a close relationship with our clients to deliver long-term, sustainable, growth for their business, and only charge a fee after you have hit the income target you want to grow towards.

A word from our CEO

I believe all relationships, whether business or personal, need to be built on a foundation of mutual respect and trust, and this is absolutely key to our future relationship and the growth of your business.

I'll be honest with you, I started in business because I didn't like my boss and I wanted to make more money.

However, my own personal ambitions have changed entirely since those early days. My desire is truly to make sure that everyone I/we (as a business) come into contact with wins.

David Cross | CEO